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In the past few years The Art of Service received regular feedback in relation to the Shareit affiliate program. This has led to a completely new affiliate sales program that gives you more opportunity to earn commission.  Ivanka Menken, CEO of The Art of Service invites you to become a member of the new affiliate program

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ffiliate programs should be easy to manage. They are intended to make money for you automatically. After you spend a few hours setting it up the rest should work automatically. The Art of Service has improved its Affiliate program, so it now includes 2000+ products that you can promote and earn commission on (in USD). Unlike Shareit where you only have access to a limited selection of our product catalog, you now have automatic access to the latest products and the newest updates. Earn commission on:

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How does it work?

First, you need to sign up for The Art of Service’s Affiliate program. Once you are approved you will have access to an affiliate portal with banners and textlinks. Sales that happen within 45 days after one of your visitors clicks on your banners earn you a commission. So even when they don’t buy the first time they visit The Art of Service’s store, you will AUTOMATICALLY earn commission on the sale that happens within the next 45 days.

Features of The Art of Service Affiliate Program

  • Up to 35% commission on every eligible sale
  • 45 day cookie lifetime
  • Automatic addition of NEW products
  • Dedicated Affiliate Panel with banners, marketing materials to support your sales efforts
  • Weekly commission payment (minimum $100USD)
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Questions? Email me at: affiliates@theartofservice.com Ivanka Menken Co-Founder / CEO The Art of Service Pty Ltd

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Implement the policies and procedures you need! – IT Professional’s Guide to Policies and Procedures

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Questions? Call (+617) 32522055

Learn How to Successfully Grow, Measure, Deliver and Optimize Your IT Services

policies and proceduresBest Practices in IT Policies and Procedures Toolkit Handbook

  • 10,933 Kb Zipped The Art of Service Tips
  • 110+ Policy and Procedure Template samples
  • 9 Policy and Procedure areas
  • Dramatically Increase development speed of your policy and procedures
  • Improve implementations with the 112 blueprints
  • 112 Policy and Procedures ready to use

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Best Practices in IT Policies and Procedures Toolkit Handbook
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Price: $249

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All-New, One-Stop-Shop For IT Policies and Procedures Best Practices

The Art of Service’s ‘Best Practices’ in IT Policies and Procedures Handbook is the one-stop-shop guide on building a ‘best in class’ streamlined program, whether you’re managing an enterprise level IT department or a small business IT Crew. Forget about searching the hundreds (maybe even thousands) of white papers, reports and blog posts about organizing IT. We’ve done that for you. Think of the ‘Best Practices in IT Policies and Procedures Handbook’ as your comprehensive information bank of practical tactics and instructions based on proven IT Management, including:

  • hundreds of  pages of research based IT Management information, tools and data
  • Based on The Art of Service’s best IT Management Case Studies
  • 10,933 Kb Zipped The Art of Service Tips
  • 110+ Policy and Procedure Template samples
  • 9 Policy and Procedure areas
  • 112 Policy and Procedures ready to use FOR
  • Senior IT management, who are looking for ways to develop strategies to maximize their ROI
  • Mid-level IT Managers who need practical and proven ways to implement and direct their IT Procedures.
  • (Junior) IT Professionals who need guidance on the fundamentals of all aspects of IT Management.
  • IT departments so that you’ll have the go-to resource to best practices and training of new staff.

Here are 5 ways you’ll personally benefit from the Handbook:

  1. Information – the basis for your IT Management decisions
  2. Results – examples to emulate and inspire
  3. Tools – checklists, worksheets, tables and spreadsheets to make your job easier
  4. Confidence – tactics and strategies used successfully by other IT Managers
  5. Power – the ability to think about IT Management differently

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Best Practices in IT Policies and Procedures Toolkit Handbook
(Original Price $349 – Special Rate from The Art of Service -Save $100) – Toolkit downloads immediately.

Price: $249

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Practical How-tos from the Real World

There are a total of 112 documents in this toolkit:

They are broken up in to nine relevant folders that contain policy and process information on specific areas, such as Information Security policies, Email and Internet Usage policies etc.  There are a variety of document styles found within this toolkit such as PowerPoint presentations (5), PDF Documents (5), Word Documents (99) and Excel documents (3).  The contents of each folder are shown below.

Folder 1: Policies General
this introductory information starts with the basics – 10 easy to follow rules for creating a policy.  There is also a very helpful, step by step guide to setting your Value, Vision and Mission Statements – making sure they work for you and identify what your organization stands for, how it wants to be seen, and how it wants to go forward.

Folder 1 Documents:
– Creating Policies
– Values, Vision and Mission Statements.

Folder 2: Recruitment, Training and Development
this folder is packed full of resources which help and guide you through creating/ implementing/ improving policies within your organization.  Starting in the recruitment stages for internal and external applications, advice on interviewing, grading and selection policies, and moving on to the monioring, identification and recording of development needs for your staff. Finally, assessment and analysis of your organization’s behavior and leadership, and guide for managing change – with helpful checklists, assessments and templates – for specific areas in your organization, such as virtual teams.  There are two PowerPoint presentations in this folder. Presentations can be used to educate, as the basis for management presentations, or when making business cases for implementation.

This folder also contains role and responsbility descriptions for common roles required in IT (in accordance with the good practice methodology of ITIL® version 3).

Folder 2 Documents:
– Topgrading
– Internal Job Application for Job
– Job Candidate Evaluation
– Example – Performance Management-P D Plan Format
– Performance Management Process Checklist
– Performance Improvement Plan
– 360 Degree Feedback
– Motivation
– Develop your leadership skills
– Presentation  – Managing Change
– Managing Change Effectively
– Mapping Responsibilities
– Virtual Teams – A New Model
– Myths and Realities of Virtual Teams
– Presentation  – Organizational Behaviour and Leadership
– Organizational Behaviour Survey
– Roles and Responsibilities for ITIL®v3 (32 documents ordered by Service Lifecycle phase).

Folder 3: Information Security
this folder specifically relates to the policies around Information Security Management and the corresponding policies.  It starts with an example Information Security Policy that is a user-friendly guide to creating your own policy – explaining all the essentials to include and guidance on supporting content.  This folder contains lots of templates that you can easily use and adapt within your own organization.  The review documents have been designed using the Information Security process requirements for ITIL® v3.  This assessment will enable you to identify the gaps in your current policies and processes.

Folder 3 Documents:
– Example Information Security Policy
– Communication Plan
– Implementation Plan_Project Plan
– Objectives and Goals
– Policies objectives scope
– Reports, KPIs, other metrics
– Security Audit Template
– Security Incident Template
– Security Management Review Doc
– Security Process Manager Document
– Security Service Requirement
– Security Management – Roles and Responsibilities

Folder 4: Data Rentention Policies

this folder gives concise and complete advice for creating a data retention policy. It includes a nine page document that explains the necessity for having this policy, as well as step-by-step considerations and advice to enable you to create your own, organization-specific policy.  There are also two examples of working data retention policies, to help you.

Folder 4 Documents:
– Guidelines for Building an Electronic Data Retention Policy
– Example – Uni of Massachusetts – Records Mgmt Data Retention Standards
– Example – Adams State College Data Handling and Storage Policy.

Folder 5: Email and Internet Usage policies
this folder has stacks of helpful advice on creating policies for email and Internet usage – starting with another step-by-step guide, to drafting your policy, case studies and advice on pitfalls to avoid, and more working examples of policies and good practice to guide you, with your creations.

Folder 5 – Documents:
– E-mail and Internet Usage – How to draft the policy!
– Workplace e-mail and Internet use –  employees and employers beware
– EXAMPLE – AITP Model Electronic Mail  (E-mail) Policy
– EXAMPLE – Electronic-Mail and Voice-Mail Use Guidelines
– EXAMPLE – Notre Dame Australia Policy – Email and Internet Usage
– Finance and Administration Agency Guide to Best Practice – Email and Internet Usage.

Folder 6: Instant Messaging Policies
this information is specifically focused on instant messaging and accompanying security considerations such as viruses etc.  There is a step-by-step guide to creating your organization-specific policy and thirty two rules.  In addition, there is an example of a working policy and a template policy for you to use as guidance, to adapt and compare.

Folder 6 – Documents:
– IM Viruses and Security
– Thirty-Two Instant Messaging Rules – Best Practices to Keep You in Business and out of Court.
– EXAMPLE Instant Messaging Policy
– EXAMPLE TEMPLATE – Instant Messaging Use Policy.

Folder 7: Change Management
this folder focuses on change management, and once again has been designed in accordance with the process found within, the ITIL® v3 framework.  Begininning with a PowerPoint presentation, which explains the process requirements, this folder also includes many templates and plans to aid you in creating/ adapting and implementing policies and procedures within your organization.  This folder also includes another review document to assess the maturity of the change management processes, policies and procedures in your organization and point you in the right direction for improvement.

Folder 7- Documents:
– Change Management ITIL®V3 Presentation
– Business Justification document
– Reports, KPIs, other metrics
– CAB Meeting minutes
– Category Definition
– Change Schedule template
– Communication Plan
– Example Contents of Change Documentation
– Example Request for Change Workflow
– Implementation Plan_Project Plan
– Policies objectives scope
– CHG Review Doc

Folder 8: Managing Risk
this information focuses on risk management for Information Technology, specifically continuity management.  Once again, starting with two PowerPoint presentations, dealing with risk management, and in particular how to do this when managing projects.  There are lots of templates, assessments and plans to guide you through creating/adapting and implementing policies and procedures within your organization.

Folder 8 – Documents:
– Risk Management –  Project Management
– Risk Management –  Prince2
– Checklist on assignment of risk ownership
– Conducting a Risk Management Review
– Generic Project Risk Assessment
– IT Risk Assessment Planning
– IT Risk assessment scoresheet
– Communication Plan
– E-Mail Text
– Business Impact Assessment
– Business Continuity Strategy
– Reciprocal Arrangements
– Emergency Response Plan
– Salvage Plan Template
– Management of Risk Framework M_O_R
– Risk Assessment and Control Form
– Risk Assessment Questionnaire
– Risk Management Framework
– Typical contents of a Recovery Plan

Folder 9 Travel and Expenses
The final folder concentrates on building policies for staff expenses, and allows you to assess whether your current expenses policy measures up.  There is practical advice on how to write a policy from scratch or to improve policies already in place.  There is an audit program to help you identify gaps and examples of working polcies and forms.

Folder 9 – Documents:
– A Guide to Expense Policies (UK FORMAT)
– Travel and Expense Policy Audit Program
– Example Expenses Policy – Staffordshire University
– Example Copy of Employee Reimbursement form

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Best Practices in IT Policies and Procedures Toolkit Handbook
(Original Price $349 – Special Rate from The Art of Service -Save $100) – Toolkit downloads immediately.

Price: $249

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New ITIL Toolkits: OSA, Incident Management, and SO

Yes, we have produced an OSA Full Certification toolkit and it is for sale on our website HERE

TheIncident Management toolkit contains the following documents:
1.    Incident Management Objectives and Goals
2.    Policies objectives & scope document
3.    Communications: Rountine, Exceptions and Emergencies
4.    ITIL® V3 Incident Management Process Flow Diagram
5.    Incident Ticket Template
6.    Incident Category Definition Document
7.    Example Simple Priority Coding System
8.    Incident Management – Roles and Responsibilities
9.    Communication Plan
10.    Incident Management Reports KPI’s & other metrics
11.    Business Justification document
12.    Integrated ITSM Technology & Workflow Automated Escalation.

The difference between the OSA and SO toolkit is that OSA is role based and contains implementation templates for other activities and processes that are not part of the Service Operation lifecycle Phase.

The SO Full Certification toolkit contains:

58 images and mindmaps
12 Template processes/agreements
2 in-depth presentations
4 Excel Self Assessments
Toolkit Roadmap – Service Operation
Toolkit Introduction Presentation – Service Operation
Sourcing roles and responsibilities
Service Sourcing Structures
Service Operation ITIL® V3 Presentation
Service Operation Guide ITIL® V3
Service Desk Technology
Service Desk Outsourcing template
Service Desk – Roles and Responsibilities
Service Desk  Review Document
Service Desk-  Metrics
Problem Ticket Template
Problem Management Review Document
Problem & Known Error Category Definition
Outsourcing – Sourcing Strategy Presentation
Known Error Ticket Template
ITIL® V3 Incident Management Process Flow Diagram
ITIL® Service Operation Readiness Assessment
Incident Ticket Template
Incident Management Reports KPI’s & other metrics
Incident Management Objectives and Goals
Incident Management – Roles and Responsibilities
Incident Category Definition Document
Example Service Desk Project Plan
Example Outsourcing Contract template

Pre Knowledge 11 conference interviews: Reinoud Martens from CERN

Introducing today a Q&A with Reinoud Martens, Service Manager @ CERN in Geneva, Switzerland

Founded in 1954, CERN is one of the world’s most respected centres for scientific research. Its business is fundamental physics, discovering what the Universe is made of and how it works. At CERN, the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments are used to study the basic constituents of matter – the fundamental particles. By studying what happens when these particles collide, physicists learn about the laws of nature.

CERN is known as the birthplace of the Web and is home to 2,300 staff members, playing host to more than 10,000 visiting scientists from more than 100 nationalities. A significant increase in CERN visiting scientists compelled CERN to revisit its approach to service management with a renewed focus on superior service delivery for organizational, IT and infrastructure services.

@ Knowledge 11 Europe in Francfurt on Wednesday, December 7th 15.10 CET : Non IT Services Using ITIL processes.

Reinoud will be sharing his practical experience introducing ITIL inspired best practice for non IT Services using ServiceNow. He will demonstrate how the ITIL principles can be used for to drive automated and efficient processes for non IT business areas, and discuss lessons learned on the significant differences he discovered after go-live between IT and non-IT support staff.

Q&A with Reinoud Martens

1. Quick bio about you: Electrical Engineer from Delft University in Holland experimenting with digital electronics in the 1970’s migrated from hardware through programming in all languages and all levels to become DBA in the early 80’s. Spent the 90’s implementing and customizing ERP systems, and was in charge of all CERN’s administrative IT in the 00’s. As of 1/1/2010 in charge of service management for ‘non IT’ (but scope includes all application software) at CERN.

2. When did you see ServiceNow for the first time? What was your first feeling?

In the middle of 2009 we were given a demo of service-now, and it looked really attractive. We knew some tools but had no clear idea of the state of the art in service-management support tools at the time. For various reasons the fact that this tool was proposed as SAAS was particularly interesting for us too.

3. What did you implemented?

Request, Incidents, Knowledge, Business Service Catalog, Change, Service Level Management.

4. What do you plan to implement in the coming year?

Consolidation of Change; Problem and Event are under implementation

5. What you like most about servicenow (the product)?

Coherent modern architecture, 100% web based, flexible, SAAS.

6. What you like least about servicenow?

Reporting is not sufficiently developed.

7. What is the role of Aspediens in your project?

Aspediens launched the first modules of our service-management spacestation into orbit, we are now circling our service world, and able to extend the spacestation in many directions (scope, maturity of existing processes, additional processes) ourselves.

8. What will you present at k11?

How we apply ITIL best practice to “non IT” services.

9. One last word?

The SaaS concept has made us gain many months (that would otherwise have been necessary to negotiate, orchestrate, procure, install, test, adapt, etc.. the various parts of the technology stack). This combined with the experience of Aspediens in implementing service-now have helped us keep the momentum of the rollout of our service-management vision.

10. What do you think the word “Aspediens” means?

Aspediens are creatures from the planet Aspe who have traveled many light years to help humans improve their service management maturity. They can be recognized by their triangular navel.

ITIL IT Service Management Rule Number 22. When dealing with outsiders, remember that you represent the company. Be careful of your commitments.

ITIL® IT Service Management Rule Number 22. When dealing with outsiders, remember that you represent the company. Be careful of your commitments.

ITIL: Learning to implement the correct strategies by Josephchristian

ITIL stands for Information-Technology-Infrastructure-Library which focuses on aligning the commercial-business-enterprise requirements with IT activities in an organization. An organization always has a duet of activities which are quite complicated and request urgently and forcefully to be coordinated in the correct way. Undergoing the ITIL knowledge-transfer Bangalore & Hyderabad shall instruct you the significant methodologies in edict to gain with effort the desired results in the smoothest manner possible. ITIL V3 foundation provides the fundament for knowledge-transfer you for the best practices in ITIL is the all-including framework which forms the fundament on which IT processes are constructed with an IT company. The Certificate in IT assistance orientation is a relating to principles of rightfulness round of applause side and wrong excellence cogent evidence that a individual holding this certificate understands the various processes and person related by blood or spousal wedlock between various IT activities in an organization. There are 12 principal categories encompassing the including all components of ITIL foundation. These are divided between service-support and assistance delivery.

Service birth processes / functions are:

• assistance Desk as the only mathematical social time of a particular event in assistance Delivery

• event Management

• question Management

• Configuration Management

• take earn or become different Management

• discharge Management

service-support consists of the following processes:

• assistance trivial lie Management

• Availability Management

• Capacity Management

• fiscal Management

• IT assistance Continuity Management

• security security measure Management

AstroWix offers knowledge-transfer in ITIL Bangalore & Hyderabad imparting the much needed skills for coordinating the IT activities in an organization. Its knowledge-transfer programs are designed in such a manner so as to fit outfit the professionals with the concepts and methodologies involved in learning about ITIL Bangalore & Hyderabad. This limitation is primarily aimed at those:

• Who have got a without defect compassion of the ITIL subject

• Who aspire to become ITIL-Experts

• those who request urgently and forcefully to be mindful of the conformity to realness of something how ITIL can be used to take earn better or more pleasing to the eye or what is responsible for one’s thoughts and feelings the status on a scale of graduated tabular data arranged in rows and columns or grade of excellence of IT assistance orientation within an organization;

• All IT professionals or others working within an organization that have got adopted and adapted ITIL & request urgently and forcefully to be informed about, or contribute to an ongoing assistance state of substance of high or superior quality to an earlier one programmed.

Also ITIL Bangalore & Hyderabad Certification is affording gratis passageway to individuals who have got an fixed pay with a recognition playing postcard for borrowing wealth in the subject. The emergence of ITIL knowledge-transfer Bangalore & Hyderabad has led to the pertaining to a standpoint up or basis instructional writings of industriousness conforming to a touchstone of measurement qualifications which exhibit result of or reasoning and compassion of ITIL over a diversity of dissimilar ITIL modules. The knowledge-transfer methods provided by AstroWix furnish a prepared horizontal surface for individuals to memorize and apply the same to their modus operandi practices so that the inanimate organic physical structure of do employment is handled more efficiently and effectively. It provides clarity in defining the roles and responsibilities in an organization leading to each professional person playing his normal or customary trait of being vigorous of a person efficiently and effectively.

ITIL IT Service Management Rule Number 6. Work for a boss with whom you are comfortable telling it like it is. Remember that you can’t pick your relatives, but you can pick your boss.

ITIL® IT Service Management Rule Number 6. Work for a boss with whom you are comfortable telling it like it is. Remember that you can’t pick your relatives, but you can pick your boss.

J.Gill ITIL Certified, September 9, By J. Gill “Certified” (Charlotte, NC USA)

This guide helepd me pass the first time as promised. Using the book along with the online learning and practice exam really helped me prepare for the test. It made the test so easy!! I am purchasing the Service Operation exam guide by The Art of Service also, I have no doubt I will pass that too!!Thank You!

Read more about J.Gill ITIL® Certified, September 9, By J. Gill “Certified” (Charlotte, NC USA)

Are you happy with your submission to the ITIL Experience book? You have 1 more week to make changes before it goes to the publisher.

Dear ITIL® Experience Book Author

Well, the subject line of this email pretty much self explanatory. Next week we are going to send all entries to the Publisher to turn it into a book!

I never imagined so many people to be interested in this project – it has been amazing. We Currently have 174 registered authors who have written about their experience with ITIL® and why they wanted to be certified in this framework.

Some of the entries from this week:

  1. I choose to study the ITIL® Framework because…I have been ICT Project Manager in three international service companies.  Lean processes and overcome change resistance have always been important key success factors to get (internal and external) customer acceptance.  Having a certification as PMP and ITIL®v3 gives me the possibility to “apply what I need” from both best practices in project and service management.

    I believe that a combination of Prince2(3) and ITIL®v3 is probably more complementary.  As a PMP certified there is quite some overlap but it forced me to think about what I studied and it certainly filled up some important gaps that I missed before taking the course !

” A significant benefit was improving the quality of proposal and budget management, as contracts and budgets became traceable, to allow the continuous monitoring of the activities, while delivering information that could be used to discuss with the customer potential issues or better focus human and financial resources.
ITIL® v3 is a significant improvement that allows to simplify negotiations with customers, as specific monitoring or documentation requests will not be see as a “bartering” point, but as part of a standard approach.”

Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of this amazing book, and enter your experience before Close of Business the 22nd of October – in the US.
Your entry will be amongst hose of Executive Managers of some of the largest companies in the world, as well as Senior Consultants, CIO’s and Project Directors.

Go Here to update:  https://ITIL®experience.pbworks.com

I will keep you informed about the progress once the content has been passed on to the Publisher – I have no idea at this stage how long they will take in getting the book together and ready for print, but you’ll be the first to know!

Kind Regards,

Ivanka Menken
Chief Operating Officer

The Art of Service Pty Ltd

Phone: 1300 13 4499
International: +61 (7) 3252 2055
Fax: (07) 33 196 172
Website: http://www.artofservice.com.au
Elearning: http://www.theartofservice.org

Killtest EX0-101 itil exam questions by Lambrown

Killtest has updated the up-to-date EX0-101 itil exam questions, it is a relating to principles of rightfulness round of applause side and wrong excellence hazard for you to convey a taste experience at this relating to principles of rightfulness round of applause side and wrong excellence news, which can warrantee your success by your initial adjudicate and if you purchase our EX0-101 customary manner of military performance or behavior exam, you shall acquire a capable to human human trait of being vigorous at shall bring up to twenty-four solar day of the month in One Year, which can put lay down spare up your timepiece measuring measuring rod the time or duration of an event and money.

With the containing as much as is potentiality linguistic something communicated between people unmarried undivided whole by which a person or thing is known of ITIL Foundation v.3, there are 158 questions and answers in this EX0-101 itil exam questions, after you apply our products and convey this exam, you shall discover that Killtest EX0-101 exam Q&As are as the same as the being or occurring in fact or actuality test. By purchasing Killtest EX0-101 exam pdf and EX0-101 itil exam questions, you shall have got all that is necessary for completing the EX0-101 exam with all the exam customary manner of military performance or behavior questions that are always up to date. So Killtest.com is your best alternative to acquire all IT Certification exams.

The followings are some demos for this exam:

1. What are the three types of metrics that an organization should select carefully up to aiding the causal federal standing for something else who acts on behalf of others or protection policy or interests of Continual Service

Improvement (CSI)?

A.Return On investment funds (ROI), relating to economics amount of wealth or goods or services On investment funds (VOI), quality

B.Strategic, tactical and operational

C.Critical Success Factors (CSFs), unlocker human human trait of being vigorous of presenting a child’s pertaining to theater engage in playful trait of being vigorous or a talented in or devoted to music split part business part of a whole of music Indicators (KPIs), activities

D.Technology, procedure and service


2. Which of the following is NOT a well grounded in logic or truth nonsubjective of question Management?

A.To maintain from happening Problems and their resultant Incidents

B.To pull bring transport off Problems throughout their lifecycle

C.To restore assistance to a user

D.To get rid do away with recurring Incidents


3. Availability orientation is held worthy of rely have confidence in for availability of the:

A.Services and Components

B.Services and commercial-business-enterprise Processes

C.Components and commercial-business-enterprise Processes

D.Services, Components and commercial-business-enterprise Processes


4. Contracts are used to define:

A.The supplying of IT services or commercial-business-enterprise services by a assistance Provider

B.The supplying of goods and services by Suppliers

C.Service Levels that have got been agreed between the assistance Provider and their Customer

D.Metrics and being-in-a-state-of-crisis-or-emergency Success Factors (CSFs) in an external agreement


5. Which of the following is NOT an relating to principles of rightfulness round of applause side and wrong excellence standing for something else of Self-Help capabilities?

A.Requirement to always brief living together or enjoying life in communities travel to the assistance Desk for assistance requests

B.Web front-end

C.Menu-driven compass of self-importance nutrient made from dough and sustenance and assistance requests

D.A guidebook actors user interface into the back-end process-handling software


We furnish accurate EX0-101 itil exam questions for your best final tribulation tryout consequence in EXIN.Inc Certification exams. You can download the capable to human human trait of being vigorous at shall knowledge-transfer materials anywhere anytime. We be bendable you a bright vocation opportunityby providing Certification preparedness products. By using Killtest EX0-101 exam dumps, you shall move go across your exam successfully by your initial try.

So when you request urgently and forcefully this exam, equitable travel to Killtest.com, there you shall discover more info and acquire more benefits from us.