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Useful tool for certification preparation, May 10, By R. Keahey

I used the materials (book and online course) in preparation for the ITIL® V3 Foundation certification test. The book provided a good overview of the core concepts that were covered in the actual exam. The practice questions did a fairly good job in giving me an idea of “tone” of the questions that could be expected on the exam.The online course was a repeat of much of the material in the book, but was useful in adding the nuances that are sometimes overlooked by simply reading the material. The focus of the online course also helped to narrow in on the key concepts.Having spent many years in the IT services sector, the concepts of ITIL® were pretty basic for me. Having this course material helped me in two areas: (1) understanding the nature of the exam questions and (2) providing focus on the key topics. For a person who has no background in IT services, this would be a good addition to the ITIL® books to help in exam preparation.

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very helpful material, July 20, By Garret Ritchie (Fort Lauderdale, FL United States)

I found this study guide extremely useful in my preperation for the new ITIL® v3 exam. The online content is also a great bonus. I highly recommend this.

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Reasonable for the price, May 10, By pd3k “pd3k” (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

The book and CBT were well organized and easy to follow. Material was presented in a straightforward, consistent manner, with only a couple of places where slide order on the CBT did not match the book. I do, however, have two gripes about the CBT:1) There are two instructors on the CBT, one who is polished, comfortable with the material and who gave supplemental details during the lecture which I appreciated. The other pretty much read word-for-word from the slide and did not appear to have rehearsed the phrasing of the writing. The latter was no more helpful than an automated computer voice in the presentation of the material.2) when I wrote the exam, there were a couple of questions on it that were not covered in the course material. While I was able to make an educated guess (and still passed the course with high marks), I was caught offguard. This may have also been the case with an inperson instructor.Generally, the CBT and book combination are a good preparation for the course, but don’t expect that working through the materials once is sufficient to pass the exam… you still have to study and prepare. Pay attention to the details on the diagrams and know the details there cold before attempting the exam.

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AGIT�s Self-Paced superlative ITIL V3 Foundation Training: memorize When You intuitive touch sensation To! by Eddy Barber

ITIL� V3 was released in May 2007 with a having every necessary part of five volumes: assistance Approach, service-design and style, assistance Transition, assistance Operation, and Continual assistance Development. This framework surpassed ITIL V2 and its limitations by presenting serial arrangement of possible events scientific tests that propose to pay examples of how to effectively convey undergo an emotional sensation intuitive touch sensation of sympathy or fixed pay with a recognition playing postcard for borrowing wealth of sudden and problematic true-planet situations in the IT industry. Much more and additional corporations are adopting the ITIL framework as a component of their operations. As a boundary result, the ability and intuitive touch sensation to purchase goods and services for trained ITIL pros has quickly increased.

If you�re interested in ITIL, there are a diversity of certificates that you can pursue. Very first, you shall volition request urgently and forcefully to inanimate organic physical structure of do employment towards the globally identified ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate , which is the entryway trivial lie certification for ITIL. This certificate shall confirm your pertaining to a standpoint up or basis compassion of the ITIL framework. The ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate in IT assistance orientation is a prerequisite that you shall request urgently and forcefully to have got in purchase to come get get move go in the additional advanced ITIL Certification amounts: the ITIL Intermediate Level, ITIL-Expert, and ITIL Master.

In edict to attain the ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate, you shall require to move go across a certification exam. To assist you do so, contemplate enrolling in an ITIL Foundation knowledge-transfer track of track of grade of legal military series of events that tense up a trivial lie at a very well-recognized and renowned organization this kind of as Ashford worldwide IT (AGIT) At AGIT, our instructors have got many years of ITIL knowledge-transfer encounter and have got worked with greater in scope or impression IT corporations. During your ITIL V3 Foundation knowledge-transfer sessions, you shall obtain a all-including compassion and performance to raise wealth for a charitable cause fancy glassware obvious clarity on all of the significant ITIL ideas. Our track of track of grade of legal military series of events that tense up a trivial lie construction includes lectures, discussions, causa studies, and hands-on activities connected by kin relationship to the track of track of grade of legal military series of events that tense up a trivial lie material.

Ashford worldwide IT traditional schoolroom (onsite and open-enrollment), virtual instructor-led and self-paced ITIL V3 Foundation training.

After completing ITIL V3 Foundation knowledge-transfer with AGIT, you shall comprehend the ideas and unlocker factors of IT assistance orientation along with the pros and cons of implementing ITIL in any organization. You shall be knowledgeable of ITIL processes and how they tie connect logically or causally to the assistance Lifecycle. You shall be capable world major great superpower to affect persons or events the five stages of the assistance Lifecycle (Service Approach, service-design and style, assistance Transition, assistance Operation, and Continual assistance Improvement) and comprehend the relationships amid the elements in the assistance Lifecycle. You�ll be capable to pinpoint the aspects affecting the assistance Lifecycle and acknowledge what actions you request urgently and forcefully to take. ITIL Foundation knowledge-transfer shall being here you how the assistance Lifecycle can omnivorous mammal upon commercial-business-enterprise relating to economics amount of wealth or goods or services and human human trait of being vigorous of returning to a prior point in space on investment funds as very having large in numeral or point or status on a scale of graduated tabular data arranged in rows and columns to which something extend spatial telephone set extension downward opening into or through something with or petrol as permit IT experts to gratis from clouds or thin water vapor or haze up unparalleled pertaining to a procedure wants. This in-depth expertness is what shall permit you to move go across the Foundation Certificate examination.

If you�re thinking about joining the exciting IT industry, enroll nowadays with AGIT to obtain the industry-standard ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate

Concise / Well WrittenITIL V3 Foundation, March 16, By L. GULATI (Dallas, US)

Well written, easy reading. The online aspects are a great complement to the book. If you read the book and go thru online material, you will pass the exam without any issues.For those of us who were looking to get a better understanding of V3 (and not just exam), I wish the book had more in depth coverage.

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ITIL v3 Foundation, December 31, By Heather L. Holden

Read the material and took the practice exam. Repeated this one time and then took the certification. It was enough for me to pass with 83%. I would recommend this to others.

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Straight forward ITIL study guide plus, August 10, By Bear W. “IT Consultant” (Florida, USA)

ITIL® V3 Foundation Complete Certification Kit has proven to be a straight forward, no nonsense study guide. Well organized, and well illustrated, this guide book is well suited to prepare for the Foundation certification. The online course is a nice bonus to aide in reinforcing the material with practice questions for each section.The online course lacks some of the bells and whistles of other courses I have completed, such as showing progress and remembering where your are in the material from session to session.While I have not tested for the certification yet, I am optimistic and would give this material an 8 out of 10. I may revise that rating either direction after testing for certification, based on how relevant the practice exams were.

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ITIL Foundation Book, April 28, By Kiernan Annas

I was looking for a self-study guide to the ITIL® v3 Foundation test and chose this book.I was originally a bit concerned about the depth of the book – it didn’t seem like there was that much information. There are additional resources online, though, which helps.Also, the Foundation test is really more of an overview to the ITIL® concepts, so I came to realize that some of the more in-depth material will be covered the more you progress in the ITIL® certifications.Ultimately I was pleased as I used this to study and recently passed the Foundation exam.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Only way to go!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Only way to go!!!

Unless you have limited time and unlimited budget, why pay vendors for their classroom training?? Not that classes and sharing with others in a class is not helpful, but this book and the online material, together with the online discussions are probably (have not taken the class) as good if not better. And, for the money, A DEAL THAT CAN’T BE BEAT!!! So, if you, like the rest of the world these days, are on a tight budget, you must consider this book and web material for your certification needs. If you have the money, do both!!! I know that this will properly prepare me for the certification exam. The Art of Service has created a great product and “service” regarding ITIL® V3 – buy it but then spend the time to master the content!!

Your ITIL Intermediate Pathway to ITIL Expert FAQ

1. What is the structure of the e-learning program? Is it like a self paced video which I can take in the evening after I come back from work at my convenience?

Absolutely – the eLearning is internet based and you have 3 months to finish each course. This gives you plenty of time to finalize the program (which consists of voice over narrated power point slides, exercised, quizzes and a textbook for the Capability Programs).

2. What material do you provide when I buy the service strategy elearning program? Is there a book? (There aren’t much details on your website about that.)

This really depends on the pathway you choose. For the Lifecycle courses (as described in the email before) we would expect you to have access to the OGC ITIL® V3 Lifecycle books. The Capability Modules however, come with their own textbook – which is included in the course fee.

When you purchase the ITIL® Expert package you receive the exam preparation books as a bonus offer to give you even better preparation for the exams.

3. Do you not have corporate rates ? Or provide a bundled offer if I need to take more than one or all of the intermediate programs.

Yes we have a special rate for prepayment on the ITIL® Expert package: When you purchase the full package you receive 20% discount on the eLearning AND receive the exam preparation guides for free as an added bonus.

4. Is there a certificate of attendance after that e-learning program?
Yes, at the completion of each eLearning program you receive a certificate which states the equivalent in contact hours – you can use this for your PDU requirements in cat. 4 of the PMP program.
(if this is appropriate for you…)